About Kumerle Amps

Regardless of the volume, the sound quality remains the same, thanks to the best components, as does the responsiveness.

Kumerle Amps

Kumerle Amps is a company operated by Dario Kumerle, based in Landskrona, Skåne.

The company’s business is the production of tube amplifiers with point-to-point technology for sustainable development. The amplifiers are made to order and can thus be customized according to individual preferences (single-channel, dual-channel, with or without effects loop, etc.). VINTAGE SOUND IN A MODERN FORMAT!

Why choose a Kumerle?

It’s a tool for working musicians with the highest performance and needs. The sound is consistent across all frequencies with tons of overtones, allowing your playing style to cut through, not just on stage but also in recordings. The sound is “into-your-face.” Regardless of the volume, the sound quality remains the same, thanks to the best components, and so does the responsiveness : As fast as  the speed of thought..”

Dario handwires everything himself, allowing the amplifiers to be customized to your specific needs.

Dario Kumerle

Dario hails from Zagreb, Croatia, and his musical journey began when he was captivated by “Bijelo Dugme” – the biggest rock band in the former Yugoslavia. The band’s guitarist and songwriter Goran Bregovic inspired Dario to start playing guitar.

A few years later, Dario began his professional career, and at the age of 17, he as a bass player in his first recording session in Croatia, yielding the hit song “Andrea,” which remains on the airwaves to this day. At the age of 19, he received an offer from the band “Film,” where Dario became a member and recorded 2 studio albums, both of which went platinum – “Sunce Sja,” “Zemlja srece,” and a live album “ZG Rock Forces.”

His career then led him to Boris Novkovic, with whom Dario participated in Yugoslavia’s “Eurovision Song Contest” resulting in a second-place and a trip to the “ABU Golden Kite” festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In the early 90s, Dario moved to Sweden, traded his bass for a guitar and vocals, and spent five years playing on various Finnish ferries and hotels with the band “Festival.” Eventually, he settled in Landskrona, tired of the touring life. In Landskrona, he began working as a music teacher, reserving weekends for performances with his cover band. It was then that Dario began his quest for the ultimate guitar sound.

After many hours of playing and trying out a dozen amplifiers, he landed on a 1974 Marshall Super Lead. He loved the sound BUT… After started building pedals and quickly realized that the pedals didn’t deliver as many overtones as the Super Lead. That’s when he decided to build a new Super Lead to customize it to his needs. The end result was his Blonde100 with a clean and a crunch channel and an effects loop. The clean channel reminiscent of clean American tones, and the crunch channel designed after his Super Lead. Infinite overtones, string separation, and responsiveness as fast as the thought.