If you love the simplicity of a combo amp like its open-back sound, then a combo is the solution for you. With the guitar on your back, the pedalboard in one hand, and the combo in the other, you’re ready to load it into the trunk of your car and off you go… Choose between the PedalMaster45 or Blonde45 combo that suits you best.

The listed prices are not final, as the parts do not come from Sweden but from the EU and USA, and are always based on the euro and dollar exchange rates. For your price, you are always welcome to contact Dario.


The PedalMaster45 is a single-channel amplifier, and as its name suggests, it suits guitarists who have their entire sound spectrum in their pedalboard. It’s a blend of England and the USA. If you are into broken clean tones sound, you can still control its volume with the “Brake” control, thus keeping the volume at your desired level.

It can also be delivered as a 2×12″ combo or in head format.


PedalMaster45 1×12/2×12 Hand Wired Kombo
Price: 3600 EUR
Delivery time 10-12 weeks

– 45W 2xKT66, 3x12AX7 , 1 x GZ34 (point-to-point)
– one channel amp (best of both worlds – USA meets Britain)
– presence, bass, middle, treble, gain, volume (pull bright – for overtones with OD pedals – optional) , brake ( find your sweetspot )

Loaded with 1×12 Celestion Creamback G12M-65